JACKY LAU Music Safari

Jacky Lau Music Safari - Fingerstyle Guitar Solo Concert

 《Jacky Lau Music Safari》
Fingerstyle Guitar Solo Concert 劉卓威 結他演奏會
(香港演藝學院30週年 Alumni Star 音樂會)


日期 Date:
2014年11月01日 (SAT) 19:30
2014年11月02日 (SUN) 16:00

地點 Venue︰
香港演藝學院 香港賽馬會演藝劇院
HK Jockey Club Amphitheatre, HKAPA

嘉賓 Guests︰
張祟德 (1/11)
高皓正 (2/11)
Prof.Adrian Walter (Director of HKAPA)
Fingerstyle Guitar HK 香港指彈結他樂團

簡介 Summary:

"Life always goes up and down, like an exciting adventure in a safari!"
Being invited to perform in Bostwana’s National Arts Festival, Jacky took his first voyage to Africa. He specifically arranged to a local primitive village to experience and learns the music and culture of the land. The exploration did not let him down; Jacky found the unique local culture and life attitude amazingly inspiring. In this concert, Jacky will bring you every wonderful story, photos and videos from Africa - and surely, the "main course" – beautiful guitar music! Let music bring us a wonderful life journey! 



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門票 Tickets:
$280 / $180 / $140 / *$100
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