【Hong Kong International Fingerstyle Guitar Week 2018】

【Hong Kong International Fingerstyle Guitar Week 2018】

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對於Fingerstyle,許多香港的朋友仍會感到陌生。但接觸過 Fingerstyle音樂的朋友就知道,單單一把結他,就能將觀眾帶進無限的境界,演奏出非常動聽、意境優美的音樂,效果之豐富,令人難以置信!
Guitar Concept的使命非常清晰,就是將Fingerstyle介紹給香港的朋友,讓更多人了解Fingerstyle 結他藝術。在Guitar Concept成立之前,到訪過香港的Fingerstyle結他手更可謂寥寥可數。由2011年起,我們每年都成功邀請世界各地頂尖的Fingerstyle 結他大師到香港演出,包括Tommy Emmanuel (澳洲)、Roland Dyens (法國)、Masaaki Kishibe (日本)、 Andy Mckee (美國)、Sungha Jung (韓國)、曹思義(中國)等,還有更多未能盡錄。
為了將Fingerstyle結他藝術繼續宣揚開去,今年8月,我們將會與香港演藝學院攜手舉辦一連4日的Guitar Week。在Guitar Week期間,我們除了邀請一眾世界各地頂尖的Fingerstyle 結他大師來港演出之外,還預備了工作坊、不同攤位、精美的結他音樂商品及特色飲品小食與你一起分享。希望能夠與大家一起感受Fingerstyle 結他箇中樂趣!

【Hong Kong International Fingerstyle Guitar Week 2018】

Fingerstyle, is still a new thing to many Hong Kong people. But those who know Fingerstyle guitar will understand how amazing it is. With only one guitar, Fingerstyle guitarist can play music with diverse sounds, like a one-man band. It shows the infinite possibilities of guitar.
The mission of Guitar Concept is to introduce Fingerstyle to Hong Kong people and make more people understand the art of Fingerstyle guitar. Before Guitar Concept founded, very few Fingerstyle guitarists had come to perform in Hong Kong. Since 2011, we have invited numerous Fingerstyle guitar masters all over the world to Hong Kong, including Tommy Emmanuel (Australia), Roland Dyens(France), Masaaki Kishibe(Japan), Andy McKee(USA), Sungha Jung(Korea), Cao Siyi(China), etc.
And this year, in August, Guitar Concept, together with HKAPA, proudly present you, Hong Kong International Fingerstyle Guitar Week. During Guitar Week, besides of the performance of Fingerstyle guitar masters, there will be workshops and a music carnival with all kinds of fun booths waiting for you.
Let's enjoy the Summer, enjoy the Music, enjoy Fingerstyle!

【演奏家陣容 Artists】

【Hong Kong International Fingerstyle Guitar Week 2018】

Don Ross Don Ross Canada 加拿大 Canada

首位奪得U.S. National Fingerpick Guitar Championship的加拿大結他手,亦是唯一一位贏得兩屆冠軍的結他手。他的專輯《Huron Street》曾入圍美國Billboard New-age榜單前十。自1989年開始巡迴表演,足跡遍佈加拿大、美國、歐洲、日本、台灣、中國、澳大利亞、俄羅斯、印度等等。曾與多位知名音樂人合作表演或錄音,如美國結他手Andy McKee, 加拿大歌手 / 結他手 Brooke Miller, 加拿大結他手Calum Graham, 加拿大貝斯手Jordan O'Connor。
除了民謠結他,Don還喜歡研究學習其他樂器,包括電結他、Slide Dobro及lap steel結他、harp結他、鋼琴、電子琴、鼓等等。最近,他剛剛開始學Kelstone,由比利時音樂家 / 發明家 Jan Van Kelst發明的9弦結他。此時,他不得不承認,由頭開始學新樂器,"實在太難了。我是一個Kelstone新手,而且彈得很差!"

The first Canadian guitarist and the only one to win the U.S. National Fingerpick Guitar Championship twice. His album Huron Street reached the top ten on the Billboard New-age chart. He has toured regularly since 1989, across Canada, the USA, a dozen European countries, Japan, Taiwan, China, Australia, Russia and India.
Collaborated live and on recording with U.S. guitarist Andy McKee, Canadian singer / guitarist Brooke Miller, Canadian guitarist Calum Graham, & Toronto bassist Jordan O'Connor. In addition to acoustic guitar, Don also plays electric guitar, slide dobro and lapsteel guitar, harp guitar, voice, piano, keyboards, bass guitar and drums. He has just started learning to play the Kelstone, a 9-string guitar developed by Belgian musician / inventor Jan Van Kelst. At this point, Don admits that learning a new instrument from scratch at this point in his career is "humbling. I'm a rank amateur Kelstone player, and I still completely suck at it!"
Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/YkidVP0AcQ8?rel=0

松井祐貴 Yuki Matsui Japan 日本 Japan Yuki Matsui

他14歲開始自學結他。他通過擊打琴弦與面板創造節奏,同時彈奏和弦與旋律。這種演奏方式,使他可以像一支樂隊一樣彈出不同的樂器效果。他獨特的open tuning和點弦技巧,以及高超的作曲能力使他迅速風靡世界。他的Youtube視頻播放量超過2100萬次。

Yuki Matsui is a Fingerstyle Guitarist born in Yokohama, Japan.
Yuki started playing the guitar when he was 14 years old and learned how to play it on his own. He creates beats by hitting the strings and the guitar top, and simultaneously plays chord and melody. This play style allows him to play multiple parts of a musical arrangement which would normally be played by several band members. His unique various techniques such as open tuning and tapping, and sophisticated composition skills didn’t take much time to fascinate people all over the world. The videos of him playing the guitar on YouTube have been played more than 21 million times in the world.
Youtube link: https://youtu.be/Tc5mkFxS6cg?rel=0

Vitaly Makukin Vitaly Makukin Ukraine 烏克蘭 Ukraine

Vitaly Makukin現在在世界各地巡迴演出。他曾以電結他彈奏,但現在的他選擇了聲音更自然婉轉的電木結他,使他的演奏更完美。

Graduated from Aluchta and Simferopol musical institutes, he writes his own music at crossroad between central Europe traditions, classical culture and jazz. This results into very well structured and melodious compositions.
Vitaly Makukin is currently starting his international career as concertist. He used to play on electric guitars. Today, he has chosen the more natural and soft sound of electro acoustic guitars, with great success.
Youtube link: https://youtu.be/fGBwiMZFUpg?rel=0

曹思義 Cao Siyi China 中國 China Cao Siyi

來自上海的曹思義,是中國最出色之Fingerstyle 結他手之一,於2014及15年進行全國巡迴演出,隨即引起各地結他界的熱烈回響,好評不斷!曾發行的專輯包括:《蝶戀花 EP》、《Songs of Yesterday》、《恬綻》及《星河》。曹擁有多首原創結他作品,被推崇為國內Fingerstyle中國風的先行者,代表作《蝶戀花》充滿東方意境,深受Fingerstyle樂迷喜愛。

Cao Siyi, is a marvelous Fingerstyle guitarist in China. His concert tour around China in 2014 and 2015 has won great applause from the audience. He has published several albums, including Die Lian Hua EP, Songs of Yesterday, Tian Zhan and Xing He. Cao, Siyi has been regarded as the pioneer of Chinese classical Fingerstyle guitar in China. His song Die Lian Hua is a typical Chinese classical piece, which is beloved by Fingerstyle fans.
Youtube link: https://youtu.be/I4TLbOuk9h4?rel=0

Jacky Lau 劉卓威 Jacky Lau Hong Kong 香港 Hong Kong

Jacky畢業於香港演藝學院,主修結他演奏,雖然他入學時跳讀了2年級,但他從來沒有擁有過一個degree,主要是因為他腦裡那些出奇的構思和*ADHD的細胞,推使他取得高級演奏文憑後,就立即離開了學校,急不及待踏上「成為結他手」的冒險旅程。幸運的是:畢業的同年,他就獲唱片公司賞識,邀請他出版第一張個人唱片《Amazing Guitar.Amazing Grace》。
跟據Jacky的描述,宇宙裡一直有兩股強大的力量,牽引著他的人生,第一是「唔彈結他會死」的熱誠,其次是「小強般打不死」的頑固,就是這兩股力量,驅使他排除萬難,去到地球的另一邊(美國),與世上最出色的結他監製- Kim Person合作完成了第二張專輯 -《Move On》,在香港出版後,迅即擠身HMV最受歡迎之十大唱片,以及HK Record之銷量排行榜三甲,並…… (下省三千字)
至今Jacky 仍未能相信的震撼事實,是Tommy Emmanuel(地球上最強的Fingerstyle結他大師) 曾公開稱讚他的演奏為Impeccable (無懈可擊);更向傳媒極力推薦他的唱片!
16年,Jacky成為全球僅14名應邀之結他演奏家之一,代表香港,與來自各國之頂尖演奏家,包括Don Ross(加拿大)、Luca Stricagnoli (意大利)、以及一些你多數未聽過的名字,於北京同台演出。他也曾應邀到訪過很多國家演出,如日本、迪拜、南非等等,還有許許多多名字太長,未能抄出來的Festival……
Jacky曾連續超過10天睡在辦公室,每天埋頭苦幹18小時,成功製作出「You Raise Me Up結他曲集」!但他人生最瘋狂的一次,卻是看到Youtube裡一位非洲奇人彈結他之後,竟真的出發去了非洲一個多月,深入Botswana的森林,穿越了無數危險,終於在一個荒蕪之處找到這位奇人,並跟他學習了一星期結他(只能用手語)!
或許因為這「像電影情節」般誇張的決心,打動了香港演藝學院,把他評選為全港僅三位之一的Alumni Star星級校友;同年,英國牛津大學出版社更訪問Jacky,將他的故事列入其教科書的課文主題;2015年,他更獲提名為「香港青年夢想實踐家」,最後獲選成為十大得獎者之一。
因為Jacky是香港極少數 (< 於0.001%) 的人,仍然相信「夢想可以當飯食」,所以他以畢生的心血(和金錢)創辦了一間名為Guitar Concept的結他學校,以他「想做就做,不顧後果」的失敗營商之道,至今奇蹟地運作到第8年,擁有超過400位學生。目前,他也是香港演藝學院30多年來,唯一一位Fingerstyle結他講師,但真正讓他感到驕傲的,是他讓Fingerstyle結他成為了演藝學院裡的正式科目,對日後香港,甚至亞洲結他界的發展,產生了一定的影響!
Jacky至今最引以為傲的偉大成就之一,就是曾經帶Roland Dyens(地球上最出色的結他作曲家)坐纜車登上太平山,向他展示美麗的香港!

With a reputation as a performer of "talented guitarist" (Benedict Cruft, Dean of Music School, HKAPA) and "the only Guitar Master of Hong Kong" ("Audio Technique", Hi-fi Magazine) Jacky Lau 劉卓威 created a successful music career of dis-tinction. Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Jacky released the first classical guitar solo album of hymns in Hong Kong in 2007, "Amazing Guitar. Amazing Grace".
An active performing artist, Jacky was invited to give performances in different cities. His most recent work includes the composition of "Move On" has also been played in Shanghai and Beijing.
In 2011, Jacky was invited to "International Fingerstyle Guitar Festival" in honor of Hong Kong represented Artist. Performed with the 14 guitar masters from various counties over the world included Alex de Grassi (USA), Sungha Jung (Korea) and Vitale Makukin (Ukraine).
Beside his proficiency in classical music, Jacky was also invited to performs with famous pop singers such as Andy Lau 劉德華, Pakho Chau 周柏豪, Albert Au 區瑞強 and Adia Chan 陳松伶.
In 2012, Jacky became the first Chinese artist who cooperated with international famous producer, Kim Person. At the same time, Jacky’s latest Fingerstyle guitar album "Move On" was produced in US. The album got onto the No.3 of HK Record's chart, Top 10 in HMV after released in Hong Kong.
With strong support from the guitar Masters Tommy Emmanuel and Sungha Jung, the outstanding artistic achievement was highly recognized by different media and celebrities.
In 2013, he was invited by Japan's Government representing Hong Kong to perform in Kagoshima. Apart from Asia, Jacky was invited to perform all over the world. in 2014, he became the first artist of Hong Kong who invited to play in Maitisong Festival in Botswana. He also had his Solo Guitar Concerts in Cape Town and Dubai in the same year. Jacky was elected to be "Alumni Star" of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in recognition of his outstanding achievement in music career.
Jacky published the book "You Raise Me Up" in 2015. In the same year, he was nominated to "The Ten Outstanding Youth Dream Makers" in Hong Kong, and eventually awarded.
Jacky is now the Director of Guitar Concept, the Chairperson of Fingerstyle Guitar HK, and the Guitar Lecturer of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.
Youtube link: https://youtu.be/BKiBVo0KDPc?rel=0

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【Hong Kong International Fingerstyle Guitar Week 2018】 【Hong Kong International Fingerstyle Guitar Week 2018】
【Hong Kong International Fingerstyle Guitar Week 2018】
【Hong Kong International Fingerstyle Guitar Week 2018】


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