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網絡熱爆人氣結他手 Andy McKee 8月火熱來港!



【ANDY MCKEE 香港演奏會 2014】
日期:17/8/2014 (SUN)
時間:07:30 PM
地點:香港演藝學院 戲劇院
Drama Theatre, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

節目查詢: 3575 9868

購票熱線:31 288 288




Andy McKee首本名曲【Drifting】,至今在YouTube上已突破近5千萬點擊率,創造史上最強的結他短片之一,每位結他愛好者都必曾一睹他的風采。來自美國堪薩斯洲的Andy 憑著獨特的結他風格,贏得數以千萬的國際樂迷支持,每年到世界各地演出過百場。今次我們終於邀請到Andy來到香港,為我們帶來最震撼的演出。

Andy McKee坐擁千萬粉絲,全因為他的風格有別於傳統的結他演奏,完全顛覆一般普羅大眾對結他的概念。令人目瞪口呆、拍案叫絕的指彈(Fingerstyle)結他演奏,讓我們深深體會到結他充滿著無限的可能性。

Andy McKee’s label tune "Drifting", has blew up the guitar world by racking up nearly 50 million hits on Youtube, marking a history of being one of the most popular guitar videos .

From Kansas, USA, Andy has brought to tens of millions of fans from around the world with a unique style of guitar playing. His breath taking guitar approach fills his tight schedule with more than a hundred international performances every year which makes us more proud and thrilled to present Andy to Hong Kong.

The musician blows everyone away by his distinctive style of playing guitars which challenges the masses the general concept of guitar music. Making use of alternative tunings, two-handed percussive taps & slaps, unique harmonics and more, his music is both melodic and visually appealing. Come and enjoy the strike!



史上「最高Youtube 點擊率」結他短片之一: